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A collaborative work including 17 full-length songs, recorded over the course of almost 16 months. 9 musicians join him, playing Spanish Pipes, Cello, Violin, Mandolin, Keyboards, Oboe, Drums, Bass, and Electric Guitars. On this recording, David delivers exciting new Acoustic Guitar textures, as well as Hammered Dulcimer, to support his lead vocals and harmonies. Tracks include: Follow, Fertile Ground (new "Harvest Version"), Stand Firm, I Know Who I Am, Reach, Begin Again, I Hear Your Name, Walking Wounded, Cornerstone, Humble, Alive Today, Champion, Making Up for Lost Time, Beggar's Bread, Surrender, Warriors of Prayer (new "Raging Battle Version"), and Keepers of the Flame.

Making Up For Lost Time (2002) - on iTunes only

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