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On this album, David explores a more intimate sound as he shares his heart through music. For the first time on a full-length recording, David has explored new instrumentation and styles, including 3 piano tracks, a “touch style” blues song, and looping technology. Other contributions from studio players include violin and cello, as well as gentle drum and bass accents. The album contains carefully crafted lyrics, toe-tapping grooves, and David’s signature multi-dexterous live sound, representing the next level in his creativity and composition. Tracks include: Satisfied, Dry Bones, I’m Alive, Traveling Companion, Four Limbs, Unknown (a tribute to the American Unknown Soldier), Blues for Lazarus, The Little Things, A Tiny Space, Dance with Me, Witness, Receive Me, Amy’s Song (new version), When the Rain Pours Down (David’s wedding song), and Traveling Companion (Reprise.) Presented in a full-color 6-panel cardboard case with a lavish 20-page lyric booklet.

Traveling Companion (2006) - on iTunes only

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